JPQ Values


“Transparency is the best policy” – Juan Paredes

Being honest is a hard choice, but the best one in the long term. There is no point discussing or acting upon anything that is not the truth. This is why JPQ will always be honest, straight and transparent every step of the way, in every word, every conversation, every plan and every deliverable.


“Leaders must own everything in their world, where there is no one else to blame” – Jocko Willink

In order to take pride of what we do, we first take responsibility and ownership of every proposal, every action, every word and every deliverable along the way. This way, our services have been given the strongest attention and dedication before and while being delivered.


“Dispassionate objectivity is itself a passion, for the real and for the truth” – Abraham Maslow

Detaching from emotion is the key to make rational decisions. This is why we always like to talk about facts,  truths and realities to keep our point of view independent and objective so that we can provide an unbiased service.


“Excellence is not a skill, is an attitude” – Ralph Marston

There is no half way through. Everything we do is shaped, worked and polished to the extreme so that we can deliver the best possible quality.


“The basics are the basics and you can’t beat the basics” – Charles Poliquin

Whilst most situations can be thought as complex, the lack of complexity of the concepts used to resolve them is what makes the difference between a straightforward and a painful resolution.