Helping companies to make better decisions and delivering their projects by providing the appropriate governance frame

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How can JPQ help?

We are aware that companies, portfolios, programmes or projects suffer from a lack of effective management and control in their projects. That is an issue, we know. However, by developing and setting the appropriate governance frame the issue will fade away and delivery will become effective and efficient.

Why JPQ?

We are a New Generation of consulting, as we will unconventionally go above and beyond to identify the value we can provide to our clients.
As a small business, we are able to provide a treatment that will be personal and a service that is transparent and exactly tailored to your needs.

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Services delivered our way:

Keeping our values

These have taken us really far, and we believe they will take us even farther.​

Keeping our mindset

Our experience has allowed us to build a working philosophy

Keeping conscious

We care about the world we live in and act upon it