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Governance setting

Is your company struggling to make their projects deliver on time? Within budget? With the appropriate quality? Is your procurement strategy getting out of hand? Arising new risks appearing every week? We have a magic word for you – governance

By governance we mean the documentation and application of the proposed management plans for the different knowledge areas of a project.

How does the project manage communications, stakeholders, risk, quality, cost, procurement, human resources, schedule and scope? How does the project is going to integrate all of these in order to achieve its goals? The ramifications of the above two questions are endless.

At JPQ, we believe governance is the foundation of project delivery. Furthermore, the fact of establishing the appropriate governance can set apart the successful projects from all the rest.

Therefore, we can help you creating a governance frame for the projects, using every bit of information to make the project achieve all its goals.

Governance application

Does the company already have all the governance frame in place, but there is nobody to lead on its application?

Does the company already have all the governance frame in place, but it feels like it does not quite work?

JPQ can help you making the most of all the hard work that has been put towards the implementation of the governance frame and will make suggestions on how to make it even better.

Reporting structure and data management

Are the projects of the company running according to the governance frame, but there is no way to report on how they are performing?

Does the company have a reporting structure in place, but it is not providing the appropriate insights in order to make appropriate decisions?

At JPQ we can help you building a reporting structure that relates to the status of the project with a visual, intuitive and easy to understand approach that will suit all stakeholders needs.

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