JPQ Consciousness

Remote delivery

First of all, at JPQ, we value and harshly protect the most valuable resource in life: time. We believe that by eliminating unnecessary and/or unproductive tasks we make time for most important, fulfilling and rewarding projects, tasks or activities.

On the other hand, the world is becoming aware of how our presence is affecting everything that surrounds us – plants, animals and even the air.

Therefore, we have taken the determination of protecting our employees time whilst leaving the smallest possible footprint in the environment by providing our services completely remotely, which minimises the time spent in commute and the need for transport and accommodation.

Surely, there will be times where our actual presence might be required, but we will try to avoid this as much as reasonably possible.


As a company, we make donations to organisations that we personally know and that provide their services in a sustainable and considerate way with the world we live in.

We aim to donate a 2% of the company turnover every financial year.